“Promising in the extreme…” – Robert K. Oermann

“Pretty Please” displays a level of personality that blows many current radio favorites out of the water, while echoing an underlying message of self-confidence amid all that fist-pumping fun. More songs like this on country radio… “pretty please.” – Ben Foster (Country Music Review)

“Danielle Car definitely deserves a long music career, but she... is in a unique position because her talent could take her in many directions. With a little luck, it could land her on the top of the country chart if "Walk Of Shame" and "Pretty Please" are any indication of what an entire Danielle Car album would be like. OK, how about a whole CD in the near future... pretty please?” CountryChart.com

“UCN looks forward to seeing what the future holds for Danielle Car….she is off to a great start!” – Urban Country News

Growing up in and around Detroit, MI as a first generation Italian-American, Danielle's two family passions were food and music. You could always count on salami and fresh Italian Bread in the kitchen, and music on the stereo in the Carlomusto house. Be it Dad playing Pavarotti & ABBA fresh off a shift at the factory, or Mom blaring Kenny Rogers & Glen Campbell every Saturday morning, great music was an essential part of her childhood. All of the kids were encouraged to play and sing music as well, with the guitar and violin being Danielle’s self-assigned instruments. While she enjoyed her brother’s frequent renditions of "Crazy Train" on his hot pink Ibanez guitar as well her adolescent foray into the Queen fan club, Glen Campbell’s version of It’s Only Make Believe was ultimately what she gravitated toward. The soaring strings and atmospheric rise of Campbell’s voice sealed the deal. Writing her own tunes became a natural progression. Danielle wanted to write tunes that moved others the way that song moved her. “It’s imperative for folks to get to know me and what I’m feeling, not what some other dude has in mind. He can’t possibly write the soundtrack to my heart, that’s my job. “

The discovery and subsequent passion for Dwight Yoakam nudged Danielle to start performing live, and in 2003 she hit Nashville for a little self-taught crash course in Music Row. Singing at the Nashville Palace and seeing the inner workings of the Grand Ole Opry were an absolute honor, but Motown kept calling. In 2004, she began fronting the house band of Michigan’s biggest honky-tonk, the Diamondback Saloon. It was there she learned to entertain. Sometimes, it’s not just a pretty voice folks come for…where we come from, you’ve got to entertain. From Workin’ Man Blues to Dueling Banjos to playing the fiddle behind her back for Boil Them Cabbage Down, the multi-instrumental Car did it all 4 nights a week for 5 years! Opening up for everyone from Eric Church to Kenny Chesney were definite highlights of playing in the bar and those years wouldn’t be traded for anything in the world, but Danielle was tired (literally) and ready to set out on her own.

Danielle’s first three singles have been released nationwide via the Promo Only series of industry music compilations. Her tunes have rubbed elbows alongside all-genre artists such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Kanye West as well as country artists Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, and George Strait on the very same compilations. Ms. Car’s bluesy holiday hit Save Your Cookies for Me was recently added to the Music Choice national database and can be heard on terrestrial and cable music stations across the US seasonally. Danielle’s inaugural EP has garnered praise from Madrid to Music Row, All Access to Austria with her first single Walk of Shame reaching the French, Italian, and Austrian country music charts. Pretty Please and Hazard to My Health have enjoyed similar success on Spain’s country music chart and Country Radio Austria. Pretty Please also debuted within the top 100 on the US Mediabase Country Chart in June of 2011.